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of Everything."
“Byrd’s latest is a true standout — as bright, witty, informative and cleverly organized as the man himself — with richly detailed and colorful ink drawings, often infused with humor.” — New York Times Book Review.
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Electric Ben
The Amazing Life
and Times of Benjamin Franklin
Africa Is My Home:
A Child of the Amistad
Inspired by a true account,
here is the story of a child who arrives in America on the slave ship Amistad — and eventually makes her way home to Africa. Narrated in a remarkable first-person voice, this book of memories of a real-life figure retells history through the eyes of a child. Lush, full-color illustrations by Robert Byrd,
plus archival photographs and documents, bring an extraordinary journey to life.
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Byrd leaves it to readers to decide whether the feathered hero truly believed the sky was falling.
A sumptuously illustrated reinterpretation of a delicious read-aloud.
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Byrd upends both the classic tale’s conventions
and its cautionary message; his revision works as
an underdog-makes-good story, much abetted by his elegantly detailed illustrations. Read the reviews here.