As on many casinos online, players must enter bonus codes in order to take advantage of many of the Celtic casino offers. All codes must be entered on the screen of the Bank in the recommended field, which is rather easy to find. The first code that users need to know is WINPLAY30 that allows them to enjoy a bonus without deposit of €30 with which they can take advantage of all the casino games without making a single deposit.

Enjoy Celtic casino bonus codes

The second code that players can use is PALACEWELCOME. This code provides the welcome bonus standard of the site up to €1,000 on the first two deposits. With this bonus, players will receive a bonus of 200% up to €500 on each of their first two deposits. Codes QuickTender and NETeller users also receive an additional 15% in addition to the 200% welcome bonus. In place of the PALACEWELCOME code, QuickTender users will have to enter the WELCOMEQT code and WELCOMENET code NETeller users to take advantage of this offer.

Players who want to play the slot machines are particularly lucky on this site. Indeed, by systematically entering WINSLOTS code when they make a deposit, these players can enjoy a huge 300% bonus up to €3,000 on one deposit. The most interesting is that this premium has only a 25 x wager requirement, a huge improvement over the 30 x or 35 x conditions typically found on other site bonus.

Big bettors can get even more bonuses, regardless of game time they spent playing on Celtic. Indeed, ULTIMATEWIN is one of the bonus codes of Celtic which can be used whenever a player makes a deposit of €750 or more. With this code, players will receive a bonus of 200% up to €2,000. This means that if a player deposits €1,000, he or she will have a huge budget of €3,000 for play!

Available on Celtic entertainment options

The most popular games on a casino really depend on the types of games offered on the site, and the kind of players who visit the casino. However, there are some games that are very popular on all games of online betting sites. If you are a novice player, there is great information that you can use for options that should be tried. One of the most popular games, it’s the slot machine. Indeed, there is not a lot of strategy involved, and this game is a game of pure luck. In fact, you just play the game, and if the images match somehow, you win money. There are so many types of slot machines you will need to read the description and rules for how to win on a variant in particular.

Table games are always popular, and this regardless of the casino you visit. The most popular include blackjack, roulette and craps. They are initially all gambling, but you have some control since you can appeal to some strategies to improve your chances. For example, with blackjack, the object of the game is to approach as possible to 21 without going over. If you turn your two cards and you have a 13, you can choose between staying and receive another card. Moreover, it is true that all of the online casino sites are different, but the most popular game is probably the poker.There are different kinds, and the rules are all different. If there is a game in particular that you would like to try, first read the rules and then give it a try. Most of the casino games are really fun, then you should try each of them at one time or another. In any case, there’s one you wish more that others and who will become your favorite game, as are most of the players.